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Use the following table format for your competitive analysis assignment
Include just the facts. Use bullet points, this is a fact gathering exercise not an essay.

Your Product
Direct Competitor
In-direct Competitor
Product Name
Surface RT
Apple IPad Air
Acer Hybrid Ultra Aspire V7
Asus Zen book UX302LG
Describe your product, its packaging, size, and graphics.
Packaged in a very nice box that slides out, showing a very nice home of the new surface. The interior of the box is blue.
The size of the surface is:
Width – 10.81”
Height – 6.77”
Depth – 0.37”
The Surface RT has a screen aspect ratio of 16:9, with a resolution of 1366x768.
Has 2GB of Ram, and can either have 32GB or 64GB storage space.

The Apple IPad Air is presented in a clean white box that slides open to reveal a beautiful piece of technology. The IPad Air only weighs 1 pound.
The size of the IPad Air is:
Width – 9.4”
Height – 6.6”
Depth – 0.29”
The Apple Air has a screen resolution of 2048x1536.
Does not have dedicated Ram, but has an A7 chip, with a M7 motion coprocessor.
It comes with 16GB, 32GB, 64GB or 128GB in storage space.
It also has a 5MP camera which records 1080p HD Video, and a 1.2MP front facing camera which records 720p Video.
The Acer Aspire V7 is a beautiful all black 15.6” laptop with a personality. Very powerful, and very fluid for daily work. With its 8GB Ram, and 500GB Hard Drive and a Solid State Drive Cache, it makes daily usage effortless. It has a width of 381.6mm (15”) and a depth of 256mm (10”), while weighing 2.10kg (4.6 pounds).
The Acer has a screen resolution of 1366.768, backlit with LED’s for a sharper image. This laptop comes in a brown box when purchased with the logo Acer on it. (Nothing very special).
The Asus Zen book is a powerhouse, with its i7 processor, it outperforms many competitors. Its 1920x1080 screen resolution provides an amazing HD experience, which its chrome look gives the user an amazing visual look.
With 500GB Hard drive and 16GB solid state drive, it makes computing effortless.
Height- 18mm
With an NVIDIA GeForce GT 730M Graphic card, it makes for beautiful gaming, imaging, and video play back.
Identify the main benefit that makes it different from the direct competitors.
As it runs Windows RT, it comes with a built in Microsoft Office, which is essential for users who are looking for a great alternative of a laptop for school and/or work.
The IPad air runs on apples IOS, which give the user a reliable and user friendly experience. The IPad provides access to millions of apps, and with its A7 chip, provides fluid smooth experiences while using these apps.
The Acer runs on Windows 8, so it’s very compatible with all programs that are available to windows. Acer is known for their powerful products that also maintain performance over a period of time.
The Asus’s ultra-thin physical persona gives the product the ability to go anywhere, anytime, while not taking up much space. It’s very light, but very powerful.
What types of media (TV, Radio, Internet, billboards, Facebook etc.) does the product utilize?
This product has various media utilizations, as the marketers are constantly trying to market it to a bigger target market. One most prominent example would be their TV advertisements that are run. Another example would be internet advertising that can be found on various sites. They also use the Internet to convey their latest ideas, and also keep the target markets actively assisting in product development
Apple has done a great job on using as many media outlets as possible. Like the Surface, the IPad has various TV spots and Internet Exposure. The one thing that apple also does is uses billboards to display their product. The IPad can be seen around town on various boards very simply displaying the product, and the short catch line that the IPad Air follows.
Acer focuses on both TV and Internet advertising.