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Competitive strengths
Netflix teamed up with Starz in 2008 which gave subscriber an additional 2500 movies that could be streamed directly to their TV’s and boosted Netflix’s library from 12,000 to 14,500
New Acquisitions
Netflix invested in establishing strong ties with various entertainment video providers and leveraging those ties to both expand its content library and gain access to new releases as early as possible
They acquired new content from movie studios and distributors through direct purchases, revenues, sharing agreements, and licensing from providers like * Universal Studios, Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Bros, Indie Films, Relativity Media, & Epix

In 2010 a free Netflix App was introduced for iPads so subscribers can instantly watch an unlimited number of TV episodes and movies streamed from Netflix to their iPads.
Netflix offers convenient and easy-to-use software
An Oracle database platform which allows detailed information about each title of the movie as well as personalized movie recommendations every time a subscriber visits the Netflix website. The information includes * Length of movie * Ratings * Reviews written by Netflix editors, third parties, and subscribers

A Choice of Mail Delivery versus Streaming
Until 2007-2008 when streaming technology had advanced to the point that made providing VOD an option
Netflix concentrated on speeding the time it took to deliver subscribers orders via mail delivery. The strategy was to establish a nationwide network of distribution centers and shipping points with the capability to deliver DVDs ordered to one business days
Streaming gave subscribers the option to order and instantly watch streamed content put Netflix in position to complete head-to-head with the growing numbers of VOD providers
Also, has the attraction of being cheaper than