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“ Coca- Cola is the most universally recognized word on the earth after “OK” and has come to symbolize the American way of life arguably more than any other product. On the other hand, Pepsi is one of the main competitors of Coca- Cola.

Determine how each corporate culture differs from other. PepsiCo provides best opportunities, and responsibility along with a culture, which supports creativity, as well as direct communication with top-level employee, says single insider. PepsiCo insist professional corporate environment in which employee are free of pursing their goal without "burden of the excessive structure.” Diversity has been the main focus of the Coca Cola business. They are always focused on striking towards creating the good workplace, which leads their associates with similar access towards information, development and opportunity.
Being a Multi- national company their success depends on understanding of their current market, customers, sustainability and operating in a multicultural environment along with meeting their vision.
One of the big differences between Coke and Pepsi is their history along with their efforts. Particularly advertising is the main tool, which plays a big role in the success of the product. Coca Cola was first launched in 1885 by the pharmacist called John Stith Pemberton and had been recommended as the tonic. Coca Cola has much stronger taste and on the other hand Pepsi has the sweet taste.

Analyze three ways that each unique culture has benefited by the other’s competition.
In my opinion, diversity, advertisement and the organizational culture has benefited by the other’s competition. Organization culture, Value, and tradition that the employee shares among them are the key benefit having a diverse workforce. Having a diverse workforce generates different ideas, creates fair environment, as well as every employee will learn various culture with in the organization.
The organization’s culture provides itself various examples to us. We may analyze the behavior of the employees along with physical presentation along with the organization rules, the office layout, and organizational structure & ethic codes.

Speculate how each would continue to thrive if its current corporate culture would need to change in the near future. Be sure to state what changes you are speculating on and what led you to identify that possibility.
I speculate the same changes as mentioned before which is advertising to reach the market globally. Still to the date Coke is leading Pepsi. In my opinion this will remain same, as coke is more diverse. Pepsi will always remain behinds since coke has been a trusted brand and more popular word in this century. .
Strong corporate environment would be in addition differentiating the company within the competitors as well as giving companies the capability of sustaining the long-term competitive benefit. They have the capability of adapting and changing, as it will make the bigger difference for each.
With the faster changing technology, economy and competitive culture, the economic uncertainty, advances within the technology along with globalization. Culture is the main element for the company to distinguishing itself from its competitors. Only few organizations have been good at creating the strong corporate environment.
There has still been much of room for improvement. Clear communication has been the essential to developing the culture. Top management may