Competitor Audit Writing Frame Essay

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Competitor Audit

Name of Competitor
How does the competitor compete on product?
How does the competitor compete on price?
How does the competitor market and promote their products?
How does the competitor compete on customer service?

Thorpe Park
Thorpe park offers the cheapest online tickets compared with
With other merlin parks
Thorpe park is on Facebook this means you can share the cheap prices with everyone.
Thorpe Park offers a price on £43.20 on the day and if you book online it will cost you £12.96 cheaper at a price of £30.24.

Thorpe park promote in lots of different ways such as they do two for one deals on food boxes. They advertise on YouTube and on TV.
At Thorpe park there are lot of good customer service for example they offer disabled parking and disabled toilets.

Lego Land
LEGOLAND have good priced tickets they are more expensive than Thorpe Park but it is more suitable for younger children.
LEGOLAND offers a price of £44.40 on the day and £33.30
Online so you save £11.00. This is a good price to pay
LEGOLAND promotes themselves in lots of different way like Facebook and twitter. And they have lots of TV adverts that attract young children.
At LEGOLAND it is more for children. They offer lots of way to help young children
Pleasure Beach

Pleasure beach offers a good cheap price. Lego lands tickets are very prices compared with pleasure beach so this makes pleasure beach better for your money.
Pleasure beach offer £17.00 per ticket while lego land offer a price of £44.00. This is a huge price difference
Pleasure beach allow brands to name their rides like pepsi and Fanta. This gives them advertisement.
At the beach they have a nikoloaden land where little kids can go and have fun if they do not want to go on the big rides.
London Dungeons

London Dungeons offer a cheaper price for online tickets. This is so it make people think that they have a bargain. London dugongs is cheaper than Alton towers.
London Dungeons offers a price of £17 online and £24 pounds on the day. But lego land offer a price of £44 pounds.