Nissan Qashqai Case Study

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Based on research done, our major competitor in the fuel-based car market will be the Nissan Qashqai as it’s arguably one of the top selling crossover cars in the UK. The Nissan Qashqai is the finest small SUV on the market. It is economical, classy inside and extremely refined. It's also one of the most practical small SUVs no wonder its sales figures are really high compared to others in the market. It's also bagged the 2014 Car of the Year award. Despite all these its weaknesses are that some versions are seen as pricey and it doesn’t have the best driver experience.

-The car is built at Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd or NMUK. Located in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom

-Some models are built in Nissan’s Russian plant in Sunderland to increase production capacity in their UK plant.

-It’s sold in: Japan, Middle east, North America, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom, Russia

-Uses both direct and indirect distribution channels. i.e they have showrooms in major divisional headquarters which they use as direct distribution channels and in places where they don’t have showrooms, it uses its chain of authorized dealers to sell its cars (indirect distribution channel).
-Has over 5000 suppliers

Global brand
High global financial position
Innovative culture
Overdependence in overseas market
Product recalls

In the electric car market, our major competitor would have been the Toyota Rav4 EV as it’s the only purely electric crossover car in the market at the moment, but seeing as they are only sold in California and are being phased out because their battery deal with Tesla Motors will soon come to an end therefore shifting focus and resources to their upcoming hydrogen fuel cell car. Also Toyota’s position has been that they will not honor warranty service for out-of-state owners, which is an important issue since warranties are regulated by federal goes without saying that there’s no major competitor in the crossover electric car market.
This can be said to be part of the reasons why this was our chosen market segment as it’s yet to be saturated. Nevertheless, the Tesla Model X is a most probable competitor as distribution is set to start