Complaint Speech Essay

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Complaint Speech (pet peeve or everyday nuisances)
Time Limit: 2-4 minutes Outline: Standard format as described in lecture and text. Sample outline included below. Why we are doing this:
This is a bridge from narrative to informative speaking where we use the entire speech preparation process but without the need for external research. In narrative speeches we simply relate a personal incident in the natural order of events as they occurred. We now move to another form of personal expression (complaining!) that is just as natural as storytelling, but requires a bit more analysis and preparation. We will be applying the basics of organization, outlining, introductions, conclusions, transitions, and support while continuing to practice
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Introduction: Attention-Getter: [Begin talking to audience and have my cell phone start ringing to interrupt me]. "Oh, excuse me for a moment while I take this call..." [Have brief fake conversation while audience waits impatiently. Hang up and ask audience how it felt to be placed "on hold" while I chatted on the phone].

Thesis/Preview: I believe that cell phones are disrupting and degrading our lives in social environments. Today I will go over three example situations to illustrate my point: 1) Cell phones in school; 2) Cell phones in supermarkets; 3) Cell phones in cars. I. Cell phones are disruptive at school. A. In classroom: Student speeches interrupted by ringing! 1. Humorous illustration of student speech ruined by cell phone ringing at crucial moment 2. Makes student speakers lose concentration (give example situation)


In social areas: Students don't interact with each other! 1. At class break: everyone immediately starts yakking on their phones! a. Some cases are legit, but most are just social yakking! (examples)


Cell phones are disruptive in supermarkets A. In aisles 1. Negotiating shopping decisions on phone (illustrate and elaborate with little scenario) a. WAY louder than normal conversation! b. Could have made a list beforehand!



Standing in checkout line 1. Captive customer! Can’t escape invasion of aural space! a. TMI: Don’t want to hear about Grandson’s