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113 Carson Place
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1 February 2014

Dear Sir/Madam,

After spending the past two weeks contemplating, worrying and actually really upset I have made the decision to contact you in regards to an experience I had in store.

As an avid fan of the company I was at your Glasgow store shopping (A day trip to Glasgow – not my normal store that I visit) around two weeks ago (Saturday 25th January 2014). As an avid fan and loyal customer to your brand I was shocked at the level of customer service and actually the general level of standard human respect principles your staff had shown me. (However, please do not get me wrong there are several members of staff in that store/who work for the company who are excellent at their job!)

I suffer from a mild tourettes syndrome and can from time to time experience lapses which incur for around two minutes and then disappear. Unfortunately, I have managed to live with it and usually anyone who encounters me is able to immediately understand and notice what is happening. However, in your store on that Saturday afternoon, I had several members of staff sniggering and laughing followed by the VERY uncomfortable looks and whispering between one another. If it wasn’t hard enough having to deal with this!

I went home that night feeling really horrible about myself. In fact, if I am brutally honest that feeling hasn’t left me. Which is why I am writing this