Case Study Of A Look At A Global Transformation

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I. Executive Summary

Publicis Group has always been one of the leaders in the advertising and communications sector, they have managed to remain competitive by anticipating in the environmental changes and trends and by trying to transform every threat to an opportunity, nevertheless their mission is to remain “a world leader in sustainable value creation though imaginative ideas and connections.” Drastic changes in technology and economy happened the last decade, forced them to restructure their business model. The primary goal was to upgrade their digital skills to provide integrated services and solutions by using both new technologies and
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With the merges happening, it is important to keep everyone in the loop informed of the changes and how it will affect them individually. Keeping a strong synergy will increase shareholder and customer value.

The strategies given have a significant amount of risk in it, so a robust contingency plan is in order. In the best case, Publicis Groupe will continue to merge their business units and use them to maximize shareholder and customer value by creating synergy. This would help grow the customer base much faster organically. In the worst case scenario, the businesses are reluctant to merge or follow alternatives can be released and Publicis Groupe can continue to pursue their project with ViavKi.

II. Overview

Technology is considered one of the major environmental forces that affect today’s businesses. With the beginning of the new millennium, the evolution of web from 1.0 to 2.0 has changed the landscape for the communications and advertising industry. The new tool reaches massive audiences in a more effective and efficient way than traditional media. Change is inevitable in order to compete and remain in the business. Companies should anticipate and transform this threat to an opportunity. Publicis Group realized the need for transforming to more integrated services, where they would provide traditional and digital approaches at the same time to their clients.

Globalization, economies of scale and competition