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Current Event
Italian Prime Minister Calls Populism a Threat to Stability in Europe
By: Jim Yardley

Prime Minister of Italy, Mister Enrico Letta, expresses that populism in Italy, and Europe wholly, is bringing its government down. Populist government is a political philosophy where it favors the working class. This government system will not favor the elites. The government then is now being ruled by the lower class. Mr. Letta makes a statement acknowledging the United States government shutdown. He admires America’s decision and says that Italy needs to take after it. But he also mentions how the democracies lead to America’s decision of a government shutdown. Through theme three: state-building, expansions, and conflict, the forms of governance are expressed here. Democracy is a form of government lead by the people and governed by the agents they vote for. Populism is in the same ruling. Letta makes an example of the United States to imply that an open government can harm its people, just as the United States is in so much debt currently. Letta worries for Italy’s political and financial institutions. There was an incident where a group of migrants died on their travel to an Italian island by smugglers. Letta tells of people are dying right now. The wait for European bureaucratic is not an option. The wait can take up to months. Italy has to help itself. Theme three: transregional structures and organizations ties in here. Italy has higher officials to turn to, but their help is not promised in a certain needed time. Letta proves that if Italy wants to, needs to, get out of their crisis; they need to first improve their government. Italy in the past is independent. Letta would love for Italy to stay independent and handle their own issues without the help of outside forces. Italy’s debt continues to rise with every political crisis it has. Letta says that if Italy would lower their interest rates, they could be free of twenty billion dollars. This money could make tax…