Completed Project Plan Essay

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Opening a Coffee Shop
Musketeer Team

MGMT404 Project Management
Professor Janet Nunez
Devry University
August 26, 2012

Contents Executive Summary 3 Scope Statement 4
Objective 4
Goal Definition 4
Goals that address our mission: 4
Goals that address self-sustainment: 5
Objective Definition 5
Cost 5
Project Deliverables: 6
Milestones 7
Technical Requirements: 8
Limits and Exclusions: 8
Customer Review: 8 Work Breakdown Structure 10 Network Diagram 11 Risk Management Plan 12
Risk Identification 12
Risk Assessment 13
Risk Response 14
Contingency Plans for the Two Highest Risks 15 Resource Management Plan 17
Project Activity 17
Resource Analysis 17
Leveled Resource Sheet and Analysis 18
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| Coffee Shop design and architecture completed | All permits submitted | Furniture and equipment selected | Market research Completed | Overhead Budget estimate completed | Operations structure of coffee shop completed | Software to operate the coffee shop selected | Product selection completed | Marketing and Promotions strategy completed | Logo design completed | Architecture design completed | Interior design completed | Furniture and equipment installed | Software installed | Software tested | Equipment tested | Media buys placed | Social Media campaigns launched | Public relations campaigns launched | Promotional and marketing material printed | Training completed | Invitations to private tasting mailed out | Private tasting completed | Pre-opening customer reviews completed | Grand Opening day selected | Grand opening events and promotions selected | Grand opening day completed | Post-Grand Opening customer reviews completed | Milestones

Technical Requirements:

* Must have proper operation permits * Location will not exceed 1,200 square foot * Location will have the ability to offer wireless internet (Wi-Fi) * Location will need to be fitted with ceiling speakers to play music * Coffee bar will be included in the remodeling process * Lighting and appliances will exceed current energy savings requirements
Limits and Exclusions:

* Budget may be adjusted due to increase in