Completeness and Journal Writing Checklist Essay examples

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Journal Writing / Reflection Rubric Name: ______________________________ Class: ________
Journal Writing Checklist:
|I have written in full sentences. |I have made connections beyond the classroom. |
|I have made detailed observations. |I have used my personal voice in my writing. |
|I have made connections to activities in class. |I have done my best work. |
|I have used drama terms and language in my writing. |I have read my journal response and edited my writing. |

| |Level 4 |Level 3 |Level 2 |Level 1 |
| |(85 - 100%) |(70 - 84%) |(60 - 69%) |(50 - 59%) |
|Makes connections beyond the |Makes many connections between elements |Makes several connections between |Makes connections between elements in the|Makes limited connections between the |
|classroom into personal life |and the drama work and social personal |elements in the drama work and social and|drama work and the world beyond the |drama work and the world beyond the |
| |implications beyond the classroom |personal implications beyond the |classroom |classroom |
| | |classroom | | |
|Uses specialized vocabulary |Draws upon a wide range of drama specific|Applies course specific vocabulary with |Employs some use of course specific |Uses limited range of course specific |
|correctly in writing about |vocabulary and has numerous examples and |examples and references. |vocabulary with some examples and |vocabulary with few examples and |
|drama |references. | |references. |references. |
|Reflections are