Essay Complexity of Teachings and Writings

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Some texts are more likely to generate complex thoughts and writings than other texts. One of the reasons why text generates complex thoughts and writings is because not everyone has the same interests. According to Graff’s article “Hidden Intellectualism” it focuses on how many students if given the chance would be able to enhance their abilities to learn by choosing subjects that interests them. It has been known that many students have problems with channeling their street smarts “into good academic work” (244). Graff’s theory of incorporating students’ interest into academic writing is extremely useful because it sheds light on the difficult problem of trying to have more teachers encourage their students to use subjects they are interested in to be able to produce good academic work. Another reason that proves that some texts can be more complex than others is because there might be a high percentage that most of the time students might not be as knowledgeable on certain subjects as others. Instead of letting students associate their street smarts to identify with intellectualism schools and colleges choose to overlook those students. It has become common today to dismiss the hidden intellectualism that can be found in our everyday society. I agree because most students including myself can find some college texts hard to understand whereas to letting them choose what they are interested for example magazines we can find ourselves surprised at what we can accomplish just by putting it into academic use. These are some of the things that prove that street smarts can also be considered hidden…