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Component Functionality: A tailgate is an access door provided by a car manufacturer at the rear of the vehicle to enable the user to utilise the space provide to store what the customer desires. A well-designed tailgate provides clear visibility to the driver of the vehicles travelling behind the car, which is of utmost safety importance. A strong and sturdy tailgate provides a collision buffer in case of an accident from a car approaching from the rear. A tailgate not only provides the above said functions, but also enhances the aesthetic value of the car.

* Hydraulic struts – The main function of the hydraulic struts is to hold up the tailgate and prevent it from falling on the user and causing any injury during its operation. It also reduces the effort required to be applied by a person operating the tailgate.

* Rear windscreen – It provides clear visibility to the driver, helping him to get a better view of the cars approaching from the back. The windscreen provides insulation and protects the passengers from outside sound as well as different weather conditions. It is important from the point of view of safety since it protects the passenger from on coming debris, insects, stones and also in case of major accidents.

* Hinges – The hinges on the tailgate allow its fluent rotation up to a particular angle beyond which it cannot be rotated any further.

* Rear de-foggers – The main function of the de-foggers is to improve visibility in