Components of a Network Essay

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 Wireless router
A wireless router is a router that connection wireless device to the access wireless Internet by connecting to a wired access point. It is a device that performs the functions of a router but functions as a wireless device. It connection via radio waves and does not require a wired connection.
All devices connecting to a wireless router must possess a working network adapter. This is connected to a broadband modem that has one or more built in adapters which enables sharing of a high-speed Internet connection. Wireless routers allow dozens of computers to connect over Wi-Fi links. If multiple users attempt to use the network at around the same time, it will slow the performance of the network that is enclosed with the storm.
This component can be option, It is need in a wireless connection network; however, I wireless modem itself can be use as a wireless connection. The wireless modem can be provided by the Internet service provider. The customer has the option also to buy a wireless modem from the company or purchase it from the company. The price of a wireless router vary because Common home wireless routers vary in cost from $40 USD (and sometimes less) to $150 USD
 Computer
A computer is a machine that takes instructions and perform task that are based on this instructions. These instructions are called programs and execute the instructions. The computer comes in all sizes from small to large; from smartphones to company’s database. It is able to compute millions of calculations in a single second or take a lot of time to process one instruction.
The computer has relations with all the terms of the list of network components. A laptop is a computer that uses the wireless router to connect by Wi-Fi; they are need a firewall for security reason. It can use a hub, modem, switch and router to be about to connection to the internet or just in a network. It uses a server to share, storage and process data for the computer. The computer needs the wireless network interface card to connection to a wireless network. The multiplexer is used to communicate signal of digital and analog; which is needed for the computer.
The cost of a computer can run from $100 to $2,000.
 Firewall
A firewall is software or hardware based network security system that controls the incoming and outgoing network traffic by analyzing the data packets and determenting whether they should beb allowing or not. This software is most times on the computer when purchase. It is to secure and trustworthy.
 Hub
A common connection point for devices in a network. Hubs are used to connect segments of a LAN. It contains multiple ports. This is done is a wired network mostly; yet, it can be used in a wireless LAN. Unlike the router and switch; the hub has no brain and has no account of a direct destination. The hub passes (broadcast) a frame to every one of its ports. It has no way of knowing which port a frame should be sent to. Passing it to every port makes sure it hits the mark.
The media for the hubs are Ethernet connections (cable) that link computers together. It was mostly associated with a LAN and not Wireless.LAN.
The prices of a hub can range from $20+ to $200.
 Modem
The Modem is a main communicator of a networks because it allow the transalation of audio to digital to communicate with humanity and the digital world of computers and technology. There are all types of modems from wired to wireless, internal to external modems, single port to multiple modems. Modem is short for modulator- demodulator. It is a device that enables a computer to transmit data over telephone or cable lines. In a computer, data is stored digitally; the data is then transmitted over telephone lines in the form of analog waves. The modem converts to analog to digital and also digital to analog. The cabling or lines use to transfer data to modem on telephone lines are RJ11 lines and ports. The