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2.13 literature unit assessment
The bond between a boy and his pet is as strong as super glue, mostly nothing can break it. There are to stories that resent the bond between a boy and his pet “The dog of Pompeii” and “Zlateh the goat”. In these two stories one boy will have bond with a goat and the other a bond with a dog but in both they will love each other equally. Sometimes the bond with someone or something is so strong that even when it’s gone you never forget it.
In “the dog of Pompeii” there is a blind boy who needs help from his dog to be able to walk around and get food. The boy uses he’s other senses like smell, feel, and taste but he still needs his trusty guide, to assist him. The dog gives the boy food and shelter so that the boy can survive in there town, sometimes the dog will bring home lots of food sometimes he brings nearly none but even at those times the dog always help the boy. In one part of the story there was lava pouring down the volcano so the bog risked his life to save the boy. In the story “Zlateh the goat” there was a goat that was loved by the whole family but it wouldn’t bare milk so the family decided to sell it off to the butcher to get food money. The family sent a little boy to give the goat to the butcher but the boy loved the goat to much to give him to the butcher so he walked slowly to the place. Before he could get there a bad snow storm hit and the bared of the path to the butchers. The boy was close to death when he found some