Essay on Composition and Literature Week 2 Assignment

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Read the story, "The Necklace" by Guy De Maupassant on pp.7-13 of your textbook. Answer the following questions in essay format and submit the answers to the week 2 drop box. Be sure all answers contain complete sentences. Please remember that all answers will be graded on content, grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and correct usage.
1. Madame Loisel's character changes greatly after the necklace is lost. Explain these changes and tell if the reader's attitude towards her character changes.
2. The speaker states that small things save or destroy people (paragraph 105). How does "The Necklace" bear out this idea? 1) Madame Loisel’s character goes from the selfish, greedy woman with the insatiable desire to possess and acquire wealth to a somewhat humbled individual. At this point she is determined to find and replace the lost necklace that was lent to her by whatever means. Her strength is shown by her ability to take on work that elsewise she would not dream of, washing, cleaning, taking out the trash and haggling at the grocer and butchers. Moving into a modest inexpensive attic flat, all in an effort to save as much as she could in order to help repay the monies borrowed, to replace the lost necklace. Madame Loisel’s whimsical ways has also changed, she no longer yearned and dreamed for a luxurious lifestyle and paid no attention to her appearance, which was so paramount to her earlier. In my view Madame