Composition: Burial and family Members Essay

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Takhmina Okhunova

Advance Composition

March 1, 2014

The last event of our life

It is always sad when someone dies, but we all are guests in this life and

everybody expects death one day. I think the very last important event for

everybody in this life is their funeral. This event is so important that most

people save money for it. Every country has different celebration of funeral

based on their religion. My religion is Muslim, however I was raised with

Orthodox Christian friends and this two religions have different planning and

preparations for funerals from preparing the body to funeral services.

According to Islamic law, the body should be buried as soon as possible from

the time of death, which means that funeral preparations begin immediately. To

prepare the body for funeral, it must be washed. A spouse, family members or

same gender can wash the body.The body should be washed three times.

Once it's cleaned, the body should be covered in a white sheet. It means Allah

( God ) sent us with nothing and we go back to him with nothing. Christians

funeral preparation doesn't have to begin immediately. However the body has

to be washed as soon as possible. Compared to Muslims, they don't have to

wash the body three times. The family members wash the body with priest

present. Once the body is cleaned and dressed, the priest has to sprinkle holy

water on all four sides of the coffin and then they put the body inside. Near the

coffin they should placed a bowl of boiled wheat with honey, with a candle on

top. That symbolize life and the sweetness of Heaven. When the body is all wrapped, Muslims should send it to the mosque for

funeral prayers with lots of tears and noises. This sadness should show how

much was that person important to the family. Funeral prayers, known as

"Janazah" should be performed by all members of the community. Most of the

times only men go to "Janazah". For Christians funeral prayers is a main

event. Everybody goes to the church to see the body for the last time. Compare

to Muslims, they don't wrap the body. Even though, they