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Chapter Five Questions
Define persuasion. Are there situations you can think of where persuading someone to do something is viewed or could be viewed as inappropriate?
According to Floyd (2011) persuasion is the process of moving people to think or act in a certain way (p. 153). I would agree with Floyd (2011) that persuasion is the process of moving people to think or act a certain way. Persuading people to do something can have a bad reputation. I would agree that at times persuasion can be viewed as inappropriate. For example if you choose to persuade someone to come out to a party and drink, this can be inappropriate especially if the individual is underage. This happens a lot one students go off to college. People will appeal to joy, imagine how happy you’d be (Floyd, 2011, p.154). In order to persuade students to go out to a party and drink many will appeal to the joy, and how much fun it would be to get the individual to join the party. As an alternative to this there are ways to persuade people to do things that are harmless and actually good. You can persuade someone to study for an exam, or to run for an office position in a club at school. Persuasion is not just a negative or inappropriate thing it can be used for the purpose of good. Questions I have are: (1) If you try to persuade someone too much, would it then take on the role of peer pressure, or force, and (2) How can you use persuasion to have a positive influence in someone’s life.
Why is it important, in some cases, to persuade people?
Persuading people can have a bad reputation, but it is important to persuade people when times are necessary. To persuade people you need to have a positive regard for the person whose message you are considering (Floyd, 2011, p. 154). I would agree with Floyd (2011) that you must meet the positive regards in order to persuade someone when it is necessary (p.154). For example, my mother used to be a