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Writing standards has been a important part of the English language for over a decade .But more recently much importance has been given to improve students writings and grammar from a young age. I still feel much work has to be done to improve the overall standards of the American English Language. A survey done in the past has historically proven to us that the English teaching standard hasn’t been up to mark as expected due to a few faults in the American English Language. So it’s the schools responsibility to make sure they have good and proper English teachers who don’t have their own grammatical mistakes. In this discussion I will be mentioning a few recommendations that can help the teaching staff in improving overall standards of writing for their students. These teaching techniques are not a short cut to help improve a person’s ability to write technically correct papers but should help to some extent as far I see it .The most important aspect a teacher can help his students is to tell them to do a self reflection on their paper and to see what they find are the strong points in their writing.

Revision is a necessary component of writing and teachers should teach us to revise on our writings .Making outlines and drafts are important to understanding and collecting all the thoughts on a subject. I think students should taught more to look back on their papers to fix and patch up their ideas and also to make sentences that can become the main body of the papers. Even experts from the St Martin’s Guide to Teaching Writing stress that making revision is a signficant elements in writing. “Using the revision option in a composition course can transform the relationship between the teacher and student: instead of serving as the judge and jury, the teacher joins the students in improving the students writings” (Glenn, Goldwaite and Connors 97). It's highly effective teachers should have their students use focused on revision. it is very important for students to have their paper revised beforere the final essays are submitted. When student get feedback on their paper, student may say that they find it helpful. when peers genuinely come about the writing and offer specific suggestions for improvements by getting feedback on students paper, students will become better writer, and writing can be less painful process.

Another aspect in improving the teaching of writing is for teachers to regularly have discussions in class with examples. Discussion plays very important role in the writing classroom. Class discussion is important to learning in all discipline because it helps student to process information rather than simply receive it. I believe practice makes a person perfect, so in order for students to increase up their writing quality, teachers need to talk more in class and interact more with their students to see if they comprehend most of the learning method of