Comprehensive Business Plan

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Comprehensive Business plan is an essential road map to achieving business success. An entrepreneur is forced to think through all the major aspects of a business venture when preparing a detailed business plan. The following guideline can be used to prepare a comprehensive business plan. It was derived from the link below, General Outline for A Comprehensive Business Plan

Cover Page
 Name of Business, Logo (if available)
 Purpose
 Address, Telephone #, Fax #, website address
 Date Plan was completed
 Picture of Business, Product(s)

Table of Contents
1.0 Executive Summary
1.1 Highlights of Business Plan (2-3 page overview)
1.2 How business started, where it is currently, where it is going
1.3 Mission Statement
1.4 Clear explanation of product/service
1.5 Define customer base
1.6 Unique selling advantage/feature compared to competitors
1.7 Future projections of sales
1.8 Resources for suppliers
1.9 Indicate amount required to borrow for investment
1.10 State how funds will be used and the benefit of the funds to the venture
1.11 List repayment terms

2.0 Company Profile (Two Sections)
2.1 Section 1 – The Business

2.1.1 Background
 How and When the Business started
 Type of company (sole owner, partnership, etc.)
 Founders, Key Personnel, Owners of Business (percentage of ownership)
 Key products or services
 Achievements to Date
- Company Strategy -
 Market opportunity and how company will take advantage
 Potential for growth and improvement
 Company’s strengths and challenges
 Any factors threatening your success
- Future Plans & Goals -

2.2 Section 2 – Industry Environment
2.2.1 Industry characteristics
2.2.2 Major players, competition strengths and weaknesses
2.2.3 Industry trends and future outlook

3.0 Market Analysis & Strategy
3.1 Main product or service
3.2 Who are your customers
3.3 Who are your competitors
3.4 Prepare a Marketing Plan –

 Detail the best way to sell your