Essay on Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan

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Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan
Brittany Morrow
Grand Canyon University: EDU-225
July 3, 2011

Abstract This paper is a personal technology plan that includes my personal philosophy on integrating technology in the classroom as well as my professional goals concerning technology in the classroom. My Mission and Vision Statement are included as well as a plan for communications, integrating technology, software to support assessment, and technology ethics for a strong guideline in the classroom. Although this plan will need to be revised as advances in technology are made this is strong ground work that I can build on as a professional educator. Using this plan I can ensure that my students are using the latest
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I know if I use each of these means of communication appropriately then they will be effective and I will be able to communicate clearly with each party involved in my students’ educational experience.

Integrating Instructional Technology Integrating technology into instruction is not only essential but also impossible not to use. Technology makes it easy for the teachers and parents to make education a flawless experience for each student, and to make each lesson appeal to each different learning style that is present in the classroom. Technology may seem more efficient than an actual human being but in reality just like a human being technology makes mistakes and causes problems also. Just like education, technology is constantly evolving and we has teachers must continue to advance ourselves in order to take full advantage of the technology that is available to us. Technology is readily available to students mainly through computers. By having access to computers in the classroom students have access to more information than ever before. Although it is useful to have access to as much information as possible at any given time, this makes repeating the information to easy for the students. There is so much information at the students