Comprehensive Lesson Plan Essay

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Comprehensive Lesson Plan
Lisa Lincoln
Foundation of Movement & Motor Activities
Cheryl Lugo

Subject: P.E. Class/ An applied Locomotor Skills
Grades: K-5th
Number of Students: 20-24
State Standards: Iowa
Title: Field Trip to the Park
Skill Level: Somewhat predictable, self paced
Student Learning Objective: As a result of this lesson, students will know how to follow basic directions, know traffic signals, basic running and jumping skills, walking skills, sharing, and working as a team. “Children at this developmental age are beginning to become more physically like adults.” (, 2015). Children will be able to run and come to a full stop. Children will learn the difference between jogging and running. Children will also know how to go from walking, to jogging, to running, then stop.
Cues: Arms at sides, walk, turn left or right, pretend traffic signals, jog, run/walk in place, jog, slowly stop.
Equipment: No equipment needed for this activity.
Set Induction: Today students and myself are going to act out taking a trip to the park in our pretend vehicles and play some games (pretend) at the park. “I know all of you enjoy using your imaginations, so as I read a story we will act it out together. First though we must understand that we need to work together and stay safe, there will be no pushing, running into each other, and anything else that could hurt or classmates and friends. So please remember our safety is important as we play this story out. The first two steps are as follows to begin the lesson:
1.) All students will bring with them a gym bag (pretend you are holding your gym bag with both hands).
2.) The vehicle will be departing at exactly noon (12 o clock), we all need to be ready to go on time. Kids it is now noon, who is ready to go?
Content Development: Task #1: Warm-Up to be ready
Skills being worked with: Walking, jogging, running, and standing in one place after slowing down.
3.) Okay kids let us start by getting ready to go (keep arms straight down touching legs). The bus will start out slow at first (walking) and then the bus will go a little faster (jogging). Stay to your right and watch for traffic lights and signals.
4.) Up ahead there is a red light we need to slow down (walk), then we need to stop (stand still). Now the light is green so we start to go slowly (walk). Up ahead there will be a row of green lights, so we need to move faster (jog). We now see a sign in front of us that tells us to turn right (pretend a right turn with your arms). Take the right turn (face right direction then jog in place). Up ahead there is a left turn sign (pretend turning left then jog in place).
5.) Up ahead there is a yellow light so we need to slow down and look both directions before crossing (walk). If you feel that it is safe then go ahead a little more, we can see the park from here. It is time to park our bus now (stop completely). Task #2: Exercises Cues: When standing lift arms straight up to the sky, bend down touch the ground, pretend to push something forward, and jump high to the sky.
6.) Let us go students, we have arrived at the park, let us get our bags down from the bus, put your arms to the sky (lift arms up). Take your gym bag, put your things down on the ground (touch your toes). Help your classmate do the same (students stand face to face, and do the motion together).
7.) Lets go everyone get to the playground (walk in place). Look at all the flowers; they are so colorful (raise arms to the sky and slowly return them to your sides like a rainbow). Look at all the colors from side to side, come on students, put your arms down and explore the colors of the rainbow.
8.) See how all the colors are fading from the rainbow? (sway your arms back and forth like you are wiping colors away, repeat three times).
9.) Lets pick up the flower petals and put them in a bucket (pretend to do this motion).