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Brian Holbert, PhD

Comprehensive Strategic Knowledge Studies
Assignment 3

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International Considerations
Blake W. Larsen
NorthCentral University
Brian Holbert, PhD
July 5, 2015

ABC Complete Kitchens, Inc.

Board of Directors
Blake W. Larsen cc: Brian Holbert, PhD.
July 5, 2015
International Considerations

International business is on the rise in recent times within the United States due to administration procedures and the technological advancements that have been made. In order to expand and meet the requests of our customers of ABC Complete Kitchens, Inc. we need to emphasize the importance of our management skills, international considerations when dealing with consumers, and ensuring the local populace understands our organization and what we stand for. My main focus is determining why we should increase our business internationally, locations for development of our company, and what we are going to do in order to follow thru with our expansion.
Your concerns of international management aspects for the plant will be surveyed. The purpose of this memorandum is to investigate the considerations associated with ABC Complete Kitchens, Inc. plant. We are projecting as much as a twenty percent increase of sales that will originate from the international expansion. Some identified issues will be addressed in order to eliminate concerns.
Cultural Awareness
International Law
ABC Complete Kitchens, Inc. financial practices and accounting
Human Resources

We have determined that making ABC Complete Kitchens, Inc. international it gives the company a potential increase of sales up to 20%. Determining the location is important; ABC needs to determine what country has the largest demand for their products.

This is a concern when doing business abroad because we are entering a foreign market and need our managers to realize the importance of such concerns. Communication is the largest ingredient to success. After determining the location we need to conform to a language the business will use. Is English a primary language for the country that we choose? Do we need to localize to the known language of the natives. These are questions we need to answer to determine the success of the business and how to build their business approach.

Cultural Awareness
Knowing the culture of the country ABC chooses is very important. If we need to hire personnel in order to train us in the customs and courtesies of the country; this will be an investment that would be worth having. When standing up our organization overseas we need to