Compression Garments Essay

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A Study of compression garments on enhancing performance in competitive athletes

1.0 Background Information 1.1 Trend and history of Compression Garment In an attempt to enhance sporting performance, athletes seek various methods to improve their rate of recovery. A popular trend observed is the widespread usage of compression garment (CG) during training or competition [1- 4]. The origin of the usage of compression garments could be traced back as early as 460 BC, when it was initially used as a form of treatment in human injuries [5]. 1.2 Studies conducted on Compression Garment (CG) The first exercise-related research was conducted by Berry et. al. (1987) to determine the effects of CG on blood lactate levels in the body. CG worn
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However, few literature reviews have been done to examine the factors that are attributed by the CG. Our study will aim to investigate whether wearing of CG would help to improve athletes in their performance using the following factors: (1) Decrease in muscle fatigue; (2) Regulation of body temperature; (3) Increase in recovery rate. This study will be significant as it will elucidate the role on how CG can contribute to sporting performance and concomitantly highlight research gaps that could be further explored. It would also enable competitive athletes in making an informed decision on the purchase of CG for their activities.

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