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Daniel Duodeh
Mr. Harris
English 10110/22/14
Cause and Effect Essay Computer Support Specialist Five years ago, my father bought this beautiful computer that has so many new different feature on that we haven’t seen before. Reading the manual, I connected all the wire on the computer together step by step and put them in their proper places. My life changes completely from that day. We used the computer to do our homework and play video games on it. My father started teaching me how to work on the computer and how all the parts on the computer work. My school was lack of computers, so one day my teacher call me to test certain part on the computers. I used those knowledge and experience that I gain from my father and to fix what was wrong with the school computers. My sister boyfriend was a technician that always fixing others people in our community with their computers, Cars, and other electricity work. I started working with my sister boyfriend after school to gain more experience and knowledge from him. One day after school I fix this man computer in the shop without any help from nobody. I felt so proud of myself when I showed my brother in-law the new computers that I fix. My brother in-law praised and hugged me. Because of my love for computers, my work experience in information technology, my passion for computer software, and my skills based on my learning, I want to major in computer Science. As a future computer Support Specialist, I will be able to create more user friendly, provide good technical support to customers, and a healthy salary. Because of my love for computer, my work experience in information technology started when I was about sixteen years old in Senegal Dakar, West Africa. When I and my family first arrived in Senegal there was lot of opportunity for us to get a job. My aunty took me to this computers cafe that was having workshop for international students. The program was for about four month or longer. The first week of learning was very hard for me mainly because I couldn’t speak French. I quickly learn French the second weeks from the guy who was our host. In the computer workshop we learn about document management, installing and testing software, removing virus from computers, and lot more. I already knew some of these information from my past learning, so the workshop was very easy for me throughout the program. I was promoted to be one of the adviser by the manager. I didn’t have the chance to complete the program, because I and my family was in Senegal to get a visa. I even took a computer class at BRCC that was beneficial to what I previous learn. I always knew that I wanted to become a computer support specialist. I am still learning a lot of new things about computer, but when I am through with my learning I want to own my own computers company in Monrovia, Liberia. My clear understanding and my passion for computers software, I want to become one of the greatest expert when it comes to computers support specialist from the continent of Africa. Back in Africa I took some few computer classes where we learn about computers software and how it developed. We did a project where we have to develop a computer program using various software. In my group we have to build a program using C++, it was very easy because we put our knowledge together and build a wonderful C++ program. My group have the best design program of them all so the professor was impressed with our hard work. I called my hard drive a software because it where I can stored many of my work from class. The computer class was a major help to me, because in that class we learn about Microsoft Office, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Computer is a major part of my life, every day after class I go home and watch these video about computer software programs. This career is the right career for me I know it because of my experience from various learning. My