Computational Lingustics Essay

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Computational Linguistics

Computational linguistics is a discipline between linguistics and computer technology, which is concerned with the computational aspects of our languages. This area of computer science can correlate with the field of Artificial Intelligence. Put simply, computational linguistics is a set of programs that turns human speech into words and motions. There are a couple of different areas of computational linguistics that make up its entirety; theoretic computational linguistics and applied computational linguistics. These two areas can be divided into sub-areas and from the sub-areas they can be itemized even further.

Theoretical computational linguistics is organized into theoretical linguistics and cognitive science. This specific region deals with formal theories about the linguistic understanding that a human needs for producing, understanding, and interpreting language. This area has made significant advances; its complexities can only be interpreted and managed by man ironically only with the help of computers. “These computers computational linguists are able to cultivate formal representations simulating characteristics of the human language and then incorporating that into programs.” (1) These programs are what form the overall core for the assessment and additional development of their theories. Alongside these comprehensive concepts lays an alternative role that plays a huge contribution to the understanding of theoretical computational linguistics and that part is cognitive sciences. These programs are able to interpret the words given to them by dissecting the syntax and extensiveness of the our languages and then able to match it up with its programming; a computer that can teach itself. The other portion of computational linguistics is called applied computational linguistics which targets the real-world outcome of modeling human language use. The methods, techniques, tools, and applications in this area are often subsumed under the term language engineering or (human language technology. The current computational linguistic systems are far from achieving human ability of communicating they have numerous applications. The goal for this is to eventually have a computer program that will have the same communication skills as a human being. Once this is achieved it will open doors never thought possible in computing. After all the major problem today with computing is communication with the computer. Today’s computers don’t really understand our language and it is very difficult to learn computer language, plus computer language doesn’t correspond to the structure of human thought. Even if the computer understands your language its abilities are really limited.

The major problem with this type of software is the interpretation of your speech. Since no one speaks exactly the same, one word you say might sound like a different word that someone else would say. As a result each individual person must “teach” their computer the way that they speak. That process can often be a tedious and time consuming. Even after you “teach” your computer they way that you speak its still not a hundred percent that it will recognize what you are saying. Because of that this type of software isn’t very efficient today, but once that barrier is broken this technology will revolutionize the computing industry. After all, all you will need to operate a computer is your voice. An excellent example of how this type of technology will benefit man kind is language translators. What I mean, is that with this technology it will let people create multi-language translators that will aid in business transactions, peace conferences, etc. It will bring humanity one step closer to become equal because we wont have the difference of languages to get in our way.

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