Computer and Internet literacy Essay

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Computer and Internet literacy
Candyce Hobbs 6-6-15

What I learned about my computer:
I actually learned a lot about my computer in the last few days. First of all, I bought this computer to take this course. It is brand new and this chapter actually helped me to set it up the way that the school wants it.
I learned about a paint feature that my computer has in it. It allows me to add color, paint pictures and I can even make a coloring book. I do not know a lot about it yet, but I will be doing some research over the next few weeks to learn to use it.
I also have a calendar that is a shared calendar. This is great for sharing my schedule with my husband, friends and colleagues. I am very excited about this feature since I am learning about tie management and this is one of the things that I am trying to do better with my time. I learned that today that my computer is a HP Pentium with 1TB of storage per user. Since my files are stored online, I can share my files with anyone at any time. My computer also has a 10 processor. It is supposed to be the fastest and biggest laptop ever made by this company.
I am using the schools full version of Microsoft Office 2013. It is free to all students so take advantage of it. You can use it on 5 other computers in your home as well. This is a huge money saver.
What I learned in my reading is how to create folders on my desktop. I love, love, love this feature. What I did was right click on an empty spot on my desktop,