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2001 Computer Applications

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1) When the date and closing begin at the center, the
a) block style letter style is __________.
2) In business reports, supplementary information that
a) table of contents supports the statements in the body of the report is often located in the __________.
3) The __________ of a document is the layout of the
a) View page or what the page looks like.
4) The value used by the word processor when it is NOT a) page justification instructed to use any other is called the __________.
5) To insert the name of a document, use the __________ a) header and footer command. 6) To align text with both margins, use the __________
a) right alignment feature. 7) A collection of formats to be associated with various
a) style parts of a document, such as different heading levels, are called __________.
8) To print a character below the usual text line, use the
a) Superscript
a) setting tabs.
9) Common formatting features include all of the following EXCEPT
10) Times New Roman is an example of a __________.
a) Point
11) In formatting a document, which of the following
a) Point size refers to style?
12) Which one of the followings features does NOT apply a) Capitalizes 1st letter of sentence to AutoCorrect or Quick Correct?
13) Typefaces that have small lines at the ends of characters are
a) Boldface referred to as __________.
14) To distribute text equally between the top and bottom
a) center horizontal margins, choose the __________ feature. alignment 15) When a first line of a paragraph aligns at the left margin and
a) hanging indent the rest of the lines of the paragraph are indented, this is referred to as __________.
16) To widen a column in a spreadsheet, use the
a) tab key

b) AMS style

c) modified block style

d) closed block style

b) bibliography

c) appendix

d) index

b) format

c) style

d) wizard

b) style

c) layout

d) default setting

b) insert

c) format

d) style

b) left alignment

c) centered alignment

b) macros

c) templates

d) justified or full alignment d) headers and footers

b) subscript

c) style script

d) emboss script

b) placing text in columns. b) font style
b) Alignment

c) inserting headers and footers. c) font face
c) Helvetica

d) undo and repeat.

b) Arranges text in columns b) italic

c) Creates some fractions

d) Creates ordinal numbers d) sans serif

b) center justification

c) proportional spacing

b) first-line indent

c) proportional indent

b) border dialog box

d) mouse pointer on the right edge of the first cell

17) Unless specified otherwise, text entered into a spreadsheet is positioned as
18) To center a title across the top of a worksheet, what function is used?
19) The first step in changing the font and size in a worksheet is to

a) left justified.

b) right justified.

c) mouse pointer on the right edge of the column letter above the first row
c) centered vertically.

a) Centered

b) Indented c

c) Wrapped

d) Merge and center

a) choose the Format menu. b) choose the Tools menu.

c) highlight the cells you want to change.

d) choose the font and size from the toolbar.

c) serifs

d) styles
d) Bold

d) center vertical alignment d) second-line indent

d) centered horizontally.

2001 Computer Applications
20) How is the color of cells changed in a worksheet?
21) __________ affects the way data is shown in a cell.
22) In a worksheet, the default format that displays both text and numerical data as keyed is referred to as
23) The __________ field property specifies whether you must enter a value in the field.
24) When the format of the text on slides is predetermined so that the layout, color scheme, font, and style are consistent, a __________ is used.
25) What term describes cutting off portions of a graphic?
26) A __________ is a ghost image that appears behind the printed text on each page of the document.
27) Which of the following options is NOT available in adding borders to a document?
28) The default line