How May Window Control Buttons Are In Excel

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Tutorial Videos

DIRECTIONS: Watch the YouTube videos from the links on this worksheet. Answer the questions and/or complete the task below. Before each video plays, there is an advertisement. Feel free to skip.

LESSON 1: Excel Interface 1 (Starting Excel, Title Bar, Window Controls, File tab) (Length: 6:50) 1. How may Window Control buttons are in Excel?
There are two sets of minimize, maximize and close buttons. The top set are for excel as a program and the lower set is for the cells within Excel.

2. When you click on the minimize button, where does your file go?
The file will go down to the task bar.

LESSON 2: Excel Interface 2 (Ribbon, Tabs, Group, Commands, Dialogs
(Length: 7:28) 1. What is a Tool tip? Happens when you hover your mouse over a command, it gives you a blurb on what that button does,

2. What is a toggle button?
a. You click on a button to turn it on, or off.

3. What is a group?
Located on the ribbon, a group has many options that pertain to that specific grouping.

4. Are there different options for underline?
a. There’s a down arrow (group) that allows for a double underline, versus just having the regular single underline.

5. What are themes?
A collection of colors, fonts, and effects that are bundles together to give your spreadsheet a professional look.

LESSON 3: Excel Interface 3 (Quick Access Toolbar, Status Bar, Zoom, Scroll Bars) (Length: 6:00) 1. What is the purpose of the Quick Access Toolbar? To make it easier to access tools you use often.

2. How do you add/customize to the Quick Access Toolbar? Right click, then click, “add to the quick access toolbar”

3. Status Bar – What does it do when you select a group of cells? It tells you the information about that group of cells.

LESSON 4: Formula Bar, Parts of a Spreadsheet, Rows, Columns, Cells, Mouse Pointer, Sheet Tabs (Length: 6:22) 1. True or False. Columns have letters and Rows have numbers. True

2. What is a cell? Where a row and a column intersect. You name it by the column then the row number.

3. What is the purpose of the Name Box? To name specific cells.

4. What are Sheet Tabs? Sheet Tabs can make it so you can work between different sets of information without having to create an entirely new program.

LESSON 5: Entering Data (Length: 5:52) 1. Watch the lesson and then complete the task below. You may look back at the lesson for help.

Type the info. below in an Excel worksheet.

ASales RepChrisAlexJanPatFunctionAddsSubtractsDividesMultipliesExpo- nentials BJan89503012


View the videos below. Take any notes you feel you need. You will be using the skills from these videos.

Creating formulas: view all 5 videos (Length: 23 minutes)§ion=2 Creating graphs/charts: view the first 6 videos (Length: 11 minutes)§ion=2 IF function: view the first 2 videos (Length: 9 minutes)§ion=2 CFeb45655677

LESSON 6: Editing Data (Length: 8:08) 1. Watch the lesson and then complete the task below. You may look back at the