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Review Questions Lesson 8
Written Questions 1. How does using a template to create documents increase your efficiency?
A template contains basic elements that people can customize. This can increase efficiency because you do not need to start from scratch and the basic elements are already included in templates. 2. Describe workgroup collaboration.
The process of working together in teams, sharing computers, and exchanging ideas for a common purpose. 3. How does Word include each of the following when the Tracked Changes feature is turned on? a. Inserted Text- text that you insert is underlined and colored with the same color as your comments. b. Deleted Text- deleted text is put into a Deleted balloon similar to a comment balloon. c. Moved Text- The text you move is marked with a Moved Balloon. 4. Under what circumstances would you us Mail Merge?
An example would be if you send a letter to each member of a professional organization. 5. What name appears in the Screen Tip associated with a comment?
The person’s name, the date, and the time the comment was made.
1. A template file can be used only once. F 2. If you want to create a sheet of labels with different names and addresses on each label, you should use the Labels button on the Mailing tab. T 3. Comments automatically show the name of the person typing the comment, regardless of the text in the User name box on the General tab in