Computer Crime Scene Essay

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Computer Crime Scene

Latanya Reed, Tanequa Taylor, Ranell Stone,
Charles Traylor, Jennifer Taylor, and Nicole Norfleet

On November 10, 2014, in Everest City AZ., Police received a call from a local computer repair shop. The store owner, Michael Jackson, reported that while working on a customer’s computer he stumbled upon photos of very young girls, nude, in various sexual positions. Mr. Jackson stated that he viewed three photos, and then called police. Mr. Jackson also stated that the customer brought in a laptop and a desktop computer that he wanted to be restored to new condition. Mr. Jackson had done some work on the laptop, but the desktop was untouched. Mr. Jackson retrieved the customer’s information for investigators. Investigators got the customer’s name, John Doe, as well as his address and phone number. After a quick criminal background check, investigators uncovered that John Doe is a registered sex offender. His previous crime included possession and distribution of child pornography.

The photographs, along with statements from Mr. Jackson and surveillance video inside and outside of the store, gave investigators probable cause to obtain search and seizure warrants. The warrants included the computer equipment at the repair shop, as well as Mr. Doe’s home. Group C crime scene investigators were called to the scene to process the physical evidence. Upon arrival to the computer repair shop, Group C investigators began by taking overall photographs, notes, and sketches of Mr. Doe’s computer equipment. The laptop computer was on and opened with a photograph on the screen of a young girl who appeared to be around eight years old. The young girl was nude and in a sexual position. Photos were taken of the computer screen before investigators shut down the laptop. Medium-range and close up photographs were also taken of Mr. Doe’s computer equipment. Wearing gloves, investigators dusted the laptop for latent fingerprints. Three finger prints were located, lifted, packaged, sealed with evidence tape (with collecting investigators initials, time, and date recorded), and marked for identification. The laptop was then securely packaged, labeled, and sealed with evidence tape (initialed, time, and date recorded) to maintain the chain of custody. The untouched desktop computer was in a box brought in by Mr. Doe. It is documented in the video surveillance that Mr. Jackson never touched the desktop computer or the box. Investigators securely package the box and desktop computer separately. The box was placed in a large plastic bag, labeled, and sealed with evidence tape (initialed, time, and date recorded). The desktop computer was securely packaged in a box, labeled, and sealed with evidence tape (initialed, time, and date recorded).

Group C crime scene investigators proceeded to the home of John Doe to recover any possible physical evidence. Mr. Doe was arrested and taken in for questioning. Investigators began by conducting a room by room search, taking overall photographs, notes, and sketches. Physical evidence was found