Computer Data Storage and Locations Integer Variables Essay

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Kapil Adhikari


CIS – 120

Dr. Poe

How Memory Keeps Track of Its File Locations

Integer Variables: A type of box which can hold only integer values.


Character Variables: A type of box which can hold a single character.

Float Variables: A type of box which can hold a real number
Some information which is already in the computer and that information supplied by the user. Information that is already in the computer will come from various sources; some of that is from the pieces of hardware that compose the user’s machine, some of that is from the computer , and some will have been created by you as part of your application. When interacting with the computer, the user will enter information mainly using the keyboard or the mouse. Regardless of what information the user is using, the things used or needed by your program are stored or will be stored in the computer.
|To process the information of our program or the requests that your program presents to the user, the computer uses two types of storage spaces. | |
|The hard drive is a static storage area that keeps its information all the time, almost regardless of what happens to your computer. Another type| |
|of storage used by the computer is referred to as Random Access Memory (RAM). This storage area keeps its information only when the computer is | |
|turned on. This means that the RAM loses its Information when the computer is turned off. Before using such a variable,…