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Adrian Ruise
Professor Marcia Ladendorff
3 March 2013

Jose Cuervo “Fantasy Team”

Beverages containing in modern times have, more often than not, been over sexualized. This is really evident in this advertisement for Jose Cuervo’s Fantasy Team. The depiction of a man in the center of a group of women, who are all stereotypically beautiful, is a common image in advertisements in the alcohol industry. This advertisement seems to only target beautiful, seemingly heterosexual people on a beach, not even at a bar. This advertisement easily seems to target the audience of not only adults, but adults who are able to purchase alcohol, expressing that people who drink the product will have a good time. Although this advertisement successful shows people having some version of a good time, where it struggles is the type of person. This issue can be avoided by showing a situation that everyone can relate to. Not every guy has a six-pack and not every girl flings to that type of guy because of his body or for what he drinks. The ad over sexualizes the drinking culture and can maybe show a more reasonable atmosphere where Jose Cuervo is relaxing and enjoying himself. This could be in a bar with friends or even show somebody just enjoying the product. Also, everybody of age has the ability to buy alcohol, not just this type of male.

The language of persuasion is often used in the media world and is heavily used in advertisements. Sometimes small things on an ad, such as colors, can have an impact on viewers. The majority of this ad is in black and white. The only part that is in color is the lower part, where the two bottles of Jose Cuervo are. I really like this color scheme because it draws attention to the bottles of tequila. I think that color is important because when you first look at the advertisement you look at the five beautiful women and the guy who appears to be having a good time but you also see the bottles; the bottles in the ad compliments the people in the picture. The caption, “Assemble Your Fantasy Team”, seems to be in bold, capital letters of stylish font and is located near the center of the ad, revealing an unstated message. I think that the slogan is very different and unique because when you read it and think about assembling your fantasy team, you are thinking about the fantasy team being the five women. After observing the ad and thinking about it, I figured maybe the advertisers are meaning the different types of Jose Cuervo when they refer to “fantasy team”. I also felt that the slogan, “Assemble Your Fantasy Team” was a very good slogan to use because the issue of ESPN the Magazine was their fantasy football edition.

Jose Cuervo used a more rare and untraditional scene in this advertisement to sell their product. They made their product seem excessive and appeal to a more immoderate audience. Jose Cuervo is famous for its clever marketing skills and entertaining ads. This ad displays several aspects that portray a luxurious lifestyle. They assume