Computer Engineering Personal Statement

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Truthfully, and while I was growing up, I had never considered becoming a computer engineer, that was until my senior year in high school. During that period, I had some issues with my personal computer and in an attempt to resolve such issues, I had tried to format the computer and reinstall the operating system. However, because I had little experience in such a procedure, I did not realize that by formatting my computer I had lost all of my stored data. Perplexed, confused and frustrated, I asked my computer teacher about it, and he kindly explained to me that I should have saved a backup of all my data on an external location before initiating the format. For the remainder of the year, I continued to approach the teacher with my computer related problems and patiently he would help me understand and resolve such problems. I find that this learning experience had a significant impact on the formulation of my future objectives, for through it I had become ever so intrigued by the detailed processes and functions of computers. Moreover, because I acknowledged the value of computers in our lives, I began to consider the notion of capitalizing on my newly discovered interest in maintaining computer software and …show more content…
I also look forward to improving my research and presentation skills and ultimately, maximize on all opportunities and resources of your program, along with the stimulating setting and diverse environment of your institution, in realizing true personal, academic and professional development. I am optimistic that the expertise and skills I will acquire during the program will assist me in acquiring the needed insight and competency to pursue a PhD degree in the science and advance in my career to become a notable professor and researcher of computer engineering in Saudi