Computer Is Blessing Or Curse

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Essay1: Many education systems use formal written examination system to assess a student's learning. Is it beneficial for students or not?
Express your own views.

Essay2: Importance of English Language as a global official language.

Essay3: Small shops are now being replaced by big shopping malls. Is it good or bad? Express your own views and ideas.

Essay4: Should parents be held responsible for the legal actions of their children? Express your own ideas and views

Essay5: Getting married during study or before job, is a foolish thing or not? Express your own views and experiences.
Essay 6: Computer is blessing or curse.
Computer has become a part of luxury for one and all, from kids to old people all have some or the other need from computer. Couple of years back personal computers was found very rarely in houses where as today you can find PC in about 2 out of 5 homes, the ratio has increased drastically. Internet was unknown to common people, now without internet our lives will halt as we need internet for almost in all arenas it might be banking, paying bills, emails, online booking for trains, or booking tickets for movie. Earlier if we wanted to have pizza/burger we had to compulsory need to go to bakery, now it's just a few clicks away you can order online and enjoy it at your home in no time.

Here are the few examples of areas in which computers are used. Computer helps in offices to store all kind of information and we take back information from its memory as