Computer Literacy Essay

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Thames Gateway Academy is issuing tablet computersto each of its
600 students and 30 faculty members. The existing wireless network as well as the interactive whiteboards in each classroom will remain.
They would like your company to submit a proposal to configure and distribute the devices. This includes the initial setup of the devices as well as identifying software that will aid classroom engagement from the students and enable them to complete coursework and homework.
You are required in groups of 3 or 4 to produce:
1. A detailed report of 1500 words including:
a. A detailed review of the hardware and software you have chosen and why, as well as how it compares to other resources on the market. You should discuss the advantages, disadvantages, similarities, and distinctions of each. The tablet you have chosen should be compared to at least two other devices.
b. A schedule for implementation of this change
2. A detailed budget for the hardware and software, which should be completed in an Excel spreadsheet using genuine quotes for costs.
3. A 5-minute PowerPoint presentation that you will present as a group to the Thames Gateway Academy management team
(your lecturer and classmates) on the equipment you have chosen, why you have chosen it, and how it will benefit the
Deadline date for submission:
Your report containing an appendix with screenshot images of your slides and spreadsheet (with