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My first innovation is 3D telephone. It is the combination of 3D technology and telephones. Except allowing people to talk with or see each other,it also makes “touching ” each other virtually possible.The target market includes middle-to-high class, businesspeople, families with their family members separated from each other and also people who pursue more stylish lifestyle.
The main competitors of 3D telephone are video phones and free internet chatting tools like Skype.But judging form the relatively mature 3D technology and the large potential market demands according to my research,this idea is still feasible. Its opportunities include more and more international business cooperations,the need of technical innovation in the fierce communicating industry, people’s higher requirements and expectation to the functions of their phones and the first-mover advantage it will be gained . My business model is cooperating with telephone corporations and then whenever a 3D telephone is sold, 3d producers will take like 20% of the revenue as their profit. The cost of 3D technology is about $200 per telephone, The selling price is $800-$1000 each, so after removing the cost to manufacturing the phone, the net profit 3D producer could get from each 3D telephone is about $120 -$160. 3D telephone could be a revolutionary mobile phone that provides phone users with new experience and helps to stimulate the boost of the communicating industry as well.
My second innovation is a new App to unlock the screen of iphone. But instead of using password, this time we use piano keyboard instead. When you need to unlock the screen, the piano keyboard will appear. What you need to do is just playing some notes instead of entering the password. The target market is all the iPhone users, especially young consumers always wanna equip their mobile phones with interesting new Apps.The competitive advantage of this App is that it is very likely to be accepted by consumers in a short time since it is easy to use. What’ s more,it makes unlocking screen a more enjoyable thing. And it can help people to solve the problem of forgetting their password. The business model is producers apply to the apple corporation for selling it in App store and attracting Advertisers to invest. The cost of this App includes two parts, developing cost and design cost. The former is about $3000, while the latter is around $5000.There is no hidden fees except the $99 Apple will charge producers per year and the 30% cut they take for each sale .The main profit sources include the download fee: each buyer will be charged 99 cents every time they download it And for Advertisement, we will charge each advertiser $10,000 for the Ads that are placed in this App.It is easy for an App to become popular for a short period of time,but the challenge is to keep users’interests on it and maintain a sustainable development.
My third innovation is the 360-degree rotating window. It is a nuisance to clean the windows, especially for people who live in high rises.They need to pay for hiring professional