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ISCG 8029 Cloud Computing-Assignment 1

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Cloud computing is a vast topic that is collection of different technologies. So to describe what is cloud computing there is no one specific set of words. Therefore I had to describe the architecture ,the history and other technologies related with cloud computing , and also the benefits and problems in cloud computing.

In order to collect information to this topic I have gone through several books, articles, white papers and web resources about cloud computing.

Table of contents

Abstract 2

Table of contents 3

1. Introduction 4

1.1Defining Cloud computing and understanding the architecture 5

2.The architecture of cloud computing.. 6

3. History on how cloud computing started in general 10

4.Hardware virtualization and load balancing 11

5. Reasons for cloud computing usage and success 12

Problems in cloud computing, 14

References and sources of information 15



These days the topic cloud computing has become a common word in IT industry. And most people identify it as a big deal. There is a new trend to develop cloud related products in IT industry.

However the cloud is not a new thing . It is what we have been already using, the Internet. Along with all the associated standards and protocols that provide a set of web services to us. By using that Internet, computing comes to us as an utility, like electricity, water and telecom we use every day. That is the simple , general idea of cloud computing. Within the cloud we can use computing, storage and software as a 'service'.

In order to establish an IT infrastructure to a company they need to buy more expensive hardware, software and to hire IT staff to maintain the system.

when new versions come out that would bring the whole system down ,cloud computing is a better way to run your business instead of running your apps by yourself, it runs on a shared data centre you just need to plug in like a utility and connect to it. It is easy to start and less cost, when you need more computing power you can get it instantly from the cloud, you pay as you pay to electricity, water and gas. Or you can think about hiring a taxi, the meter runs when you rides, it runs much slower when you stops, and when you done with the ride you get off and pay your fare. So why buy the whole taxi when you can pay for the trip,

To connect to the cloud you need to complex hardware, you need only your personal computer. You will remotely connect to the cloud server and control it, you can put whatever you need such as websites, software and applications etc. And then just disconnected when you are done. you never actually touch it physically.

It is not focused on hardware, it just focused on your website, software , applications or whatever running on cloud. Cloud computing is becoming popular because of its scalability, it is Instant and it saves money . It is easy to grow or shrink to match you demand. If you