Computer Science Research Paper

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Computer Science

“Computers are a mixed blessing. The lives of Americans are becoming increasingly involved with machines that think for them.” However, the intelligent creators are unspokenly thanked for granting these blessings for making Americans lives easier. These creators are called computer scientist. Computer scientist specializes in the theory of computation and its applications. They assist us with research, studying, socializing, and completing assignments. In this complex career there are prerequisites one must obtain before entering the field such as a college degree and training courses. There are several divisions in computer science as well, but one major issue in the profession is malfunctioning hardware. This can be caused by power surges or even natural occurrences. Hardware issues can wreck havoc on an end user, especially non-working motherboards. Building a computer with a more advanced motherboard is a goal that I want to accomplish.

Many people believe that a computer science career is all about programming. Although it is true that most entry-level jobs after a Bachelor’s degree involves programming, there are many other fields such as, management, planning, design, coordination, and testing. Most career paths in computer science involve people skills and interacting with people. An entry-level in any corporate position requires working with people.

The working environment is usually in an office with many computer scientists who work as a team. The working week of a computer scientist as any employee in this industry is 9-5; averaging 40 hours a week. However, evenings or weekends may be necessary to meet deadlines or solve specific issues.

In reference to Dr. Bill Young in Computers are Everywhere, he states, “Employment for computer scientists is expected to grow much faster than average compared to all other occupations for the 2008-2018 decade and job prospects are excellent. Employment for computer scientists is projected to increase by 24% partly due to the rapid growth in computer systems design and related services industry, as well as the software publishing industry, which are projected to be among the fastest growing