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Digital technology and digital electronics allow us to manipulate all types of information as digits (1s and 0s) in order to store and manage the information more efficiently and effectively.
Digital Literacy
Digital literacy refers to an understanding of how computers represent different types of data with digits, and how the usefulness of that representation assists people in leading productive lives.
A computer is a digital electronics device that combines hardware and software to accept the input of data, and then process and store the data to produce some useful output.
Computer literacy refers to a functional understanding of the fundamentals of computers and their uses.
A bit—short for binary digit—is a digit that can be 1 or 0. A bit is the smallest unit of information that a digital electronics device can manipulate. A group of eight bits is called a byte.
Digitization, also called digitizing, is the process of transforming information, such as text, images, and sounds, into digital representation (1s and 0s) so that it can be stored and processed by computers.
The American Standard Code for Information Interchange, ASCII, pronounced “asskee,” is the standard used to represent keyboard characters in digital form—with 1s and 0s.
The binary number system is the number system used by computers, utilizing only two digits: 0 and 1.
Digital convergence takes advantage of the fact that digitization standardizes all types of data to 1s and 0s to create devices that combine the functionality of several digital electronics devices into one.
Computing Platforms
A computing platform describes a computer’s architecture in terms