Computer Science and Information Systems Essay

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As this class is main requirement to aspire an AS Degree, this has become the basis to attend the class. This class is completely academic oriented environment for the student to end up learning some broad knowledge about the Windows 7 operating system. The instructor’s teaching is convincingly visible, as he shares a deep relationship with subject of Computer Science with his educational background, additionally most of the students in the class have broadly evolved the subject in their past, which would be a great asset for that student who mainly aims to acquire knowledge. We started the class with learning the basic terms of the desktop such as the features which can easily lead us to various usages of files at the same time and also several shortcuts. In the succeeding class, each and every student is given a laptop to learn installing and updating the operating system in the laptop. Everyone in the class was able to deal with that. Normally when it comes the manner of teaching , student always expect the professor to relate the topic to some other topic so that it makes easy for the level of understanding , this is what being done in the class, that’s the reason i would give the professor a major credit for his teaching as he used few examples from the reality as well as from his previous works. Since the usage of CD Drive has been technically reduced , we were taught to make USB perform boot operation , this become the first interested topic ever. Our labs were evaluated successfully. Although we purchased the textbook for the class, notes were provided to each of us via email. Notes consists of much more modified concept information which were explained in simple terms which is really fascinating.

Peer learning is always the key part of the class. Our professor has completely given us the freedom to discuss with each other. Recently we came across a lab which consumed a lot of time, but we took the initiative to discuss with classmates. In most of the class, we come across few instances where few Rajeev Nukala

Computer Information Systems students frequently questions the professor in between of the lecture which are quite ahead of the topic, actually this cause a disturbance, but this is what which forms the crux of the lecture, because frequent questioning captures the attention of the brain which makes the topic delicate to understand.This is really supported in the class. Till now i learned a lot of useful things about Internet Protocols,Home networks,connecting to the output devices, Disks,Network connections etc.In labs we are done with dealing with volume partitions, home network etc. I really appreciate the idea behind this class, since in this students are encouraged to learn new things rather than focus on scaring about the grades all the time. Open book exams are always conducted to make the students feel normal, because this helps the student to recall the topics. The pattern followed for the exams is the easiest way the student can get through such as those MCQ(Multiple Choice Questions) and hands on paper. We are just left with few more topics which are working with applications. Woking,managing,browsing applications. Considering the knowledge till now i would like to move a step ahead to gain more knowledge. Currently i am working on attaining a AS degree, so this class has made it easy for me to get along with

my concurrent subjects as Networks and their consequent subjects.
As this class is main requirement to aspire an AS Degree, this has become the basis to attend the class. This class is