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Benjamin De Innocentiis
Computer Science
September 29, 2014

Jimmy Wales

Jimmy Wales is one of my personal idols of today. He is an American Internet industrialist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, and is most recognized as the co-founder and promoter of the online non-profit encyclopedia Wikipedia. Wales was born in Huntsville, Alabama on August 7, 1966. Wales believed school was too expensive for his family, but in his household education was essential and necessary which was a foreshadowing of his future career. Wales said. “Education was always a passion in my household ... you know, the very traditional approach to knowledge and learning and establishing that as a base for a good life." After graduating from middle school, Wales attended The Randolph School, a university-preparatory school in Huntsville in which he graduated at age sixteen. After graduating from high school, he obtained his bachelor's degree in finance from Auburn University in 1986. He also was a professor at two universities, and held various job positions in the world of finance, before his entry in the information world.

Jimmy Wales has made many contributions to the field of technology. Wale invented Wikipedia the largest encyclopedia on the Internet. In 2003, Wales established the Wikimedia Foundation, which is a non for profit focused on information and reference materials to the world for free. In 2004, he founded Wikia, a profitable wiki-hosting service. After advancing in the world of technology he was recognized by The World Economic Forum as one of the “Young Global Leaders” of our countries in 2007. Not only has he contributed to the field of technology he is an active philanthropists. He donates thousands of dollars to varieties of charity organizations. He has received various other awards for his technological achievements, as well as being recognized by Time Magazine, as one of the “Top 100 Influential People in the World.”
Not only has he contributed to the field of technology he has transformed and advanced society. He provided the world with a website of peoples opinions, statements, and ideas. He has provided a source of information. Wiki is the 5th largest website on the Internet. Wiki is a website that can be edited, organized, and arranged by anyone who is in the wiki's user base or is an active or respectable user. Wiki is meant to be a collaborative, community effort that keeps current and cutting edge on hundreds of thousands of