Computer Science Review Essay

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Chapter 1-8, 10-11, chapter 12 section A only.
Lecture 2
Section A. Cloud computing. Digital society.
Section B. Digital devices. Computer basics.(input output…).
Section C. data representation(slide 42…)
D. PROGRAMS AND INSTRUCTION SETS, processor logic. Insturction cycle.
E. password security, password hacks,
Lecture 3
Desktop and portable computers, home, game and small business systems, handheld comuters(types..definition..input and output ), microprocessor basics, RAM(RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY), ROM, EEPROM, solid state storage technology..memory to use it…USB flash drive. Input devices..apply to …intalling peripheral devices(picture) battery backup Lecture 5
Software categories, mappingvs. Location-based software, slide 17..vertical market and horizontal market, utility software..PDF..Types..
Oword processing, slide 34..know the case to use them, spreadsheet..slide38…
Web app, mobile apps, local apps… upgrades and updates..
Copyright and licenses..
Chapter 4
Operating systems, user interfaces, file name and extensions, file directiories and folders, file formats, file management maetaphors
Physical file storage..fragemented files, deframentation..
Backup(whats this..) windows backup..full..differential..incremental backup..
Disk images and bare-metal restore

Chapter 5
Network classification..PAN, LAN, MAN,WAN
Network devices, protocol
Wired network..advantage..disadvantage. enternet ..enternet adapter
Router intallation ,slide 36,
Sharing files, read and write, read , write only…
Encryption..cryptographic algorithm, key….
Internet infrasturcture, NAPs, ISP, some of the main protocols used on the internet HTTP, TCP FTP……
Domain name, ip address, ICANN (the way to get domain name), connection speed, latency,… upstream speed..downstream speed, dial up connection, wifi hotspots,
Cloud computing, FTP,
Internet security, NAT..routable OR private IP address,

Chapter 7
Web basics, server, browser, URL, search engine components, slide 22,
Database …formulating