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Computer software’s for different types of people:

Family with young child (budget £400):
For this category I will choose a window desktop as it is one which is the safest and least complex for an average family to use as it is a well-known company and is known to be safe and if Norton anti-virus is installed it will ensure that the computer is safe to use completely in all aspects.

By paying £360 it leaves them £15 to purchase Norton antivirus.
Personally I would recommend this computer as it is a nice laptop with good specs and various aspects to it , it is also relatively new and with the antivirus software included the family can have a cheap in budget .

Total: £375

Teenager: £300
For this category the budget is relatively low so it will be good to buy a slightly lower range laptop, and also less well known antivirus software to ensure that the teen stays well within budget and still gets good satisfaction with the technology.
The antivirus software required which will allow the teen to stay in budget would be the McAfee internet security.

Pensioners: £800
This laptop / touchpad which are reduced to now £600 are the perfect yet simple option for an old aged person. It allows them to simply select and use the laptop without it getting too complicated for them and it will allow them to carry out any tasks or actions they might have.

By using the Kaspersky