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Technology In The Classroom
EDU352: Foundations of Educational
David Sparks
Melody Grinter
April 7 th 2014


Cell phones are unique device that allows students to use apps to check on assignments and study with other students.ith cell phones students can
Also keep track of their class schedule.

Another handy device is the computer. Using the computer allows students acce
To all kinds of educational information. The computer also provides different way to create projects for class.

A device called interactive white board helps teachers to project the computers desktop onto the boards surface so students can have a more clearer view. The teacher can control the computer
By using a stylus , pen, or her finger.

Software and Content Apps
Accelerated Reader is software that monitors the students progress in reading so the student knows what areas they need to work on. The software also offers reading practice so the student can improve on their reading skills.

IXL is an app that allows students to practice math at different levels. This App is very beneficial to students because it allow students to get to the level of math they need to be at.

Productivity and Creative
Microsoft Word is a software the students can use for
Projects . Microsoft Word is very helpful in checking the spelling of the students work before they turn it in to assure everything is spelled correctly. It also checks grammar and other mistakes.


My Lesson Plan
Grade 5 Plants
I would have the students start off by doing research on the computer about plants. Next I would have the students use Microsoft word to create a 10 question tests. Using questions of their choice about plants. I would then have the