Essay on Computers: Calculator and Computers

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Everyday for a month when I came home, I went straight to my computer, to play games and checked my email. Before I done anything else. So I was depending on my computer to be up and running. I stared asking myself a question,”Is dependence on computers a good thing or should we work to be more disbelieving of its benefits?”
I found this to be an interesting question I had to answer for myself. to the way in which I am researching the positive and negative aspects of the machine I am using in the process.
I personally think that computers are a positive aspect of our society and this essay will prove to be an interesting eye-opener, or a satisfying agreement with my personal beliefs.

I will begin to argue the negative aspects of computers and the dependency on them. Although a lot of people disagree whether the addiction exists at all, the fact remains that computer addiction is a problem that can be diagnosed as a medical condition or a really bad habit. This proves that it is a problem that affects many people and it can be hazardous to your health.
The symptoms I had from being on the computer are: “constantly checking e-mail, playing online games for 12 hours or more at a time, neglecting family, especially my wife some days but she put a stop to that. Obviously these are very serious symptoms that, although not life threatening, are life wasting.
The problem is that, while computers can be time wasting, they