Concept Of Population Health

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Public health and health care
Concepts of Population Health
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, coordinate efforts in conjunction with states and other partnersto offer a system of health surveillance, which would monitor and prevent disease outbreaks, which includes bioterrorism. The goal of the agency is to implement strategies to prevent diseases as well as maintain national health statistics. Another role of the CDC is to safeguard against international disease transmission, this is vital as the agency has personnel located several countries outside the United States. Looking at the agency’s core functions, examining influences in the workplace, and identifying roles of the agency personnel is vital to
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The agency performs surveillance by monitoring and investigating any health threats. The CDC keeps the all members of the health care system well-informedand is prepared for emergency situations(Armstrong et al., 2010). A strong line of communication is crucial between health care facilities and the CDC. The CDC organizes secure transmission tactics to merge and notify public health officials at local, state, federal, and international levels as needed. The agency deploys scientific and logistical proficiency, personnel, and vital medical resources to the area of the emergency(Armstrong et al., 2010). According to the CDC in a state of an emergency situation, there are several steps undertaken in implementing the essential medical assets for protection of communities. These steps include tasks which are focused on the protection and improvement of the health in the community. The first of the task is the construction and operations of laboratories with the potential to identify disease agents, toxins, and other health threats. The next step would be operating and maintaining the Strategic National Stockpile of critical medical assets, this is done so as to manage the deployment to areas with the most need. Another step in the process for the CDC, is acting as the public health support system during the emergency. This last step helps to minimize illness and injuries when emergencies unfold, thus reducing the