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Top 25 errors in student papers
Eliminate repetition and redundancy
Many machines in the drilling area need to be updated with better and more modern equipment.
All these examples are interconnected to one another.
In addition, there is a customer service center for the convenience of the customers.
Eliminate words that do not add to the meaning of the sentence or that complicate the structure of a sentence
One of the best examples in recent times of an athlete being completely overexposed is that of Michael Phelps.
Demanding Eldridge’s resignation at this point in time will not solve the problem.
There are always five or six spots open at the ends of the rows.
Eliminate unnecessary intensifiers or hedges; replace with clearer descriptions
Your choice could very possible make the difference between a saved and a lost life.
The plot of this movie is really great.
Misused words
Use correct vocabulary
Louis kicked him into a river invested with crocodiles.
How do we stop offshore drilling and yet offer an alternative to appease the energy crisis?
Some universities have chosen to go literately underground to avoid public scrutiny.
Use the correct prepositions
Unlike many of the other pieces of art about campus, the statues seemed to fit well.
Use standard idioms
The most serious problems of many developing countries stem to a lack of educational and economic opportunity.
Eliminate or rewrite clichés and overused phrases
During the thick of the night, he must walk only with a flashlight for company.
The audience is on pins and needles, wondering whose plan will falter first.
Select the correct form of the word that fits the context of your essay
The phrase “you know” is an introductory to someone’s opinion. Use appropriate figures of speech (similes and metaphors); also avoid mixed metaphors (multiple comparisons operating at the same time, often in contradiction to one another)
The children would jump from car to car as if they were mushrooms.
Karma is an inorganic process of development in which the soul not only pays the price for its misdeeds, but also bears the fruit of the seeds sown in former lives.
Incorrect or ambiguous pronoun reference; particularly watch vague uses of they, it, you; this, that, which
Lani explained that everything is completely supported by individual contributions. They receive no tax support.
After the long ride, we reached the place of our expedition at Pine Heaven Forest in western Virginia. At my age, it seemed to take forever.
Students may now sue their schools if they are underperforming.
This song tells about being carefree and going through life without any worries.
Verb tense errors
Select the appropriate verb tense to place events in past, present, or future time (when discussing events in a book, movie, general truths, ongoing debates or principles or facts, use the present tense)
In the movie, “Monkey Garden,” the girl knew it was time to grow up but still wanted to play with the other kids in her make-believe world.
Use correct verb endings and verb forms
CORRECT EXAMPLES:I talk on the phone and speak to my friends. Infinitive
He talks on the phone, and she speaks slowly. 3rd present
I talked to my parents last week, and I spoke to Jed on Tuesday. Past
She is talking on the phone now, and he is speaking to a friend. Present participle
I have talked to her many times, but she has not spoken to him yet. Past participle
Examples:The national drug council policy treat drug abuse as a law enforcement problem.
Because I didn’t tell you how the movie ends, I really suggests you go see it.
This movie was filmed in New Orleans because it resembles the city where the story is suppose to take place.
The hostess greeted us and lead us to our seats.
We could tell our food had just came off the grill