Conceptualization of Sheba Hart in Notes on a Scandal Essay

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Conceptualization of Sheba Hart in Notes on a Scandal
Adler School of Professional Psychology

Identifying Information
Client Name: Sheba Hart
Age: 36
Clinician Name: Jason Sandberg
Date: 11/20/2013
Reason for Referral and Presenting Concerns
Mrs. Hart has been referred by Her Honor Judge Dondero from the South Eastern Circuit Court in England. Her Honor Judge Dondero is requesting clinical recommendations that will be used in determining sentencing in an upcoming case. Mrs. Hart has been charged with indecent assault on a minor and currently resides at the home of a former colleague where she awaits her trial.
Social History/Background Information
Family History
There was a sense of discomfort when Mrs. Hart was asked about her parents and what her life was like when she was growing up. Mrs. Hart lost her father when she was younger, and she claimed her father’s death was extremely hard on her. She had a lot of trouble speaking about her father, but she did manage to say, “My father was an amazing man who I loved dearly, and not a day goes by that I do not think about him.” She also commented on how she thought her childhood would have been better if he was there because her relationship with her mother faltered after his passing. She described her mother as someone who was “cold and strict.” Her mother’s disciplinary antics were of an abusive nature, and she claimed this was damaging to their relationship. Today, she said they rarely converse with one another, however, she still sees her during holidays and birthdays. Mrs. Hart is currently married to Richard Hart with whom she has a daughter and a son. Mrs. Hart’s youngest child, Ben Hart, has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome. She described him as a cheerful, fun-loving, and kind-hearted child, and she specifically stated, “He is an absolute joy to have around.” She also said they have so much fun together, and she insisted she loved her son with all of her heart. However, she did confess that the burdening nature of his condition along with the higher level of responsibility that is required to care for and nurture him have taken a toll on her. She admitted having to get away and do her own thing every once and a while in order to “center” herself. Mrs. Hart’s relationship with her 13-year-old daughter, Polly Hart, was described, in the past, as fun and affectionate. They frequently engaged in “normal mother-daughter activities” such as shopping, getting their nails done, and going to the theatre. Recently their relationship has been bound in turmoil due to multiple reasons. She claimed her daughter was having trouble at school, both inside and outside of the classroom, and this was the primary source of their arguments. Additionally, she also said her daughter was going through “some typical teenage girl stuff” which was definitely not helping the situation. Lastly, she also admitted that they are not speaking right now due to her presenting situation.
Relationship History
Mrs. Hart said she had many romantic partners during her teenage years, but she said she had never loved anyone before she met her current husband, Richard Hart. Mr. Hart was a professor in one of Mrs. Hart’s classes at her university, and he is much older than Mrs. Hart. She said his age did not matter to her whatsoever, and she stated, “It did not take very long for me to fall in love with him,” adding, “I was completely drawn to his brilliance and overall attitude towards life.” She claimed that the first 5 years of their marriage was the best time of her life, and she insisted that their relationship was “perfect.” However, she also mentioned their relationship had become stagnant as of late, and it was getting harder to ignore the age difference stating, “At some point, it started to feel like he was more of a father figure to me than a husband.” That said, she maintained that she still loved him very much, and she said she would