Conceptualizing Addiction Essay

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Karmen Childs
Conceptualizing Addiction
Professor Payne

Addiction is a powerful thing, especially when you are having trouble dealing with it, whether you are the person addicted or the person dealing with the person that is addicted. Alcohol and drug use will affect the mind and body. People don’t realize this because they simply do what they want to do or because it’s a habit they can’t seem to break. Whatever the situation may be there is always a cause and a way to overcome the problem.
Genetic theory is whenever someone has a drug or alcohol problem and they get the problem from either their mother or father. You hear people sometimes say that your child is going to turn out just like them because they are showing them that it is ok for them to do that when it isn’t. For example, a mother is an alcoholic and also has children and she drinks around them. Sometimes the child becomes an alcoholic because they think that it is ok to do it but sometimes children also tend to stray away from what they see that is bad. Generic theory is basically about testing something that seems to be logical because it has happened before and scientists want to see how often does it happen.
Cognitive behavioral theory can lead to cognitive therapy because clients can receive help on how people learn and the way that they think. Sometimes people think about the bad things in their life rather than the good things. It’s as if the bad outweighs the good instead of the good outweighing the bad. What cognitive behavior theory is looking for is a behavior change within the client that ends up leading to therapy in order to help the client gain a better perspective of things and how to change their behavior for the better.
Genetic theory and cognitive behavioral theory are alike because people with a genetic problem can get help from cognitive therapy in order to learn about themselves or vice versa. For instance, a client is wondering why he drinks the way that he does and he is in cognitive therapy for it and come to find out it is because his father drank for the reason he drinks. Regardless these two theories are alike because they get to the bottom of what is going on with the client and they find a way by colliding with each other helping the other out.
People drink and use drugs because they want to or they use them because they want to escape from something that they are dealing with in their life. Cognitive behavioral theory helps you to figure out just what you want out of life and helps you overcome your situations and it is the best to intervene an addiction.
I have a brother that has done cognitive behavior therapy and it has helped him tremendously. He was diagnoses with depression and anxiety and he would use alcohol to help him get over all the stress in his life. Well as people say, it isn’t good to do that because you will end up just depending on alcohol and all it does it makes things worse in the long run simply people it can make you an alcoholic and it can hurt you mentally and physically. Well my brother suddenly broke down one day because he just couldn’t take all the stress of life anymore. He went to the doctor and he prescribed him medication and he also had him referred to a therapist. The therapist had done cognitive behavioral therapy on him and it helped him to learn that your situations are just temporary and that things will turn around as long as you push as hard as you can because there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
My brother thought that he was worthless because he just wanted his children with him whenever he and his wife got a divorce but they moved away. He had to learn that the world is not coming to an end and that everything is going to be alright in due time but he had to